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Donate to my campaign

by Steff on 3 March, 2017

Click here to donate to my campaign

For years I’ve looked at politicians shouting and booing in Parliament and thought ‘I could do a better job than that’. But I wanted to wait until I’d had some experience outside politics first.

Now I’m going for it, headfirst.

I’m launching my election campaign at 7pm on Friday 10th March and this fundraising page is for people who can’t be there on the night to pledge their support in advance.

I joined the Liberal Democrats because I believe that power should be taken away from people who’ve inherited it or obtained it via privilege, and given back to the people and communities it affects.

To fight an effective campaign I need to raise £5,000.  This is how the money will get spent:

Experienced member of staff to support a well-coordinated volunteer campaign team.

Voter data to find the people who are most likely to vote for me, and make decisions about where to target resources.

Online systems for email, telephoning people etc. to compete with the other main parties.

Old fashioned print and post – you’d be amazed but it’s by far the most effective way of getting targeted messages to individual people.  I’m aiming to deliver four pieces of literature to the whole division as well as several targeted letter campaigns.

Click here to donate to my campaign

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