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Norfolk Conservatives vote not to report to the public on Norfolk County Council’s readiness for a No Deal Brexit

by Steff on 23 September, 2019

As you will know the Liberal Democrats’ long-held position is to stop Brexit.

The rationale for this is that, since Parliament has failed to deliver on the outcome of 2016’s advisory referendum in which roughly 1/3 of the population at that time voted to leave, it is vital that the option to remain in the EU be on ‘the ticket’, whether Brexit is settled by a people’s vote or in a general election in which our position if elected with a majority, will be to revoke article 50 and cancel Brexit.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s labour party appears to be adopting a ‘last person standing’ approach to settle its policy on Brexit.

And of course: the Conservatives.  They keep pulling the handle but it just won’t flush.  Even Ken Clark has gone down the pan.  There must surely be conservative members who are deeply concerned about Johnson’s obsession with his own career by pursuing a no deal Brexit. 

Meanwhile we must be prepared for all scenarios.

The Government’s own Operation Yellowhammer documents state what could be the effects of no deal, which include a reduction in choice and availability of food, the potential price increases for utilities, food and fuel, a rise in public disorder and community, and tensions resulting from a shortage of food and drugs.

These views are indeed confirmed in Norfolk County Council’s EU “No deal” Exit Strategy, which also raises other issues such as disruption to care provision and food supply chain problems to Norfolk schools and care homes.

We all surely believe that Norfolk’s people should be protected as far as possible from the effects of a No Deal Brexit. 

The motion I proposed this morning called on the council to report to all members and the public through its normal media channels weekly on what measures the County Council has in place for coping with the effects of a no deal Brexit.

And to report to all members and the public through its normal media channels weekly on the work that is being done to protect Norfolk’s public should a no deal Brexit happen.

I’m sure, whatever your views on Brexit, our need for preparedness should be central to our concern as a council. But this seems to be a view that the Conservatives don’t share – they voted against the motion. So we’d just better hope they’ve got their plans together…


3 Responses

  1. Alexander Bennett says:

    I’ve voted Conservative for over 50 years. Now I will vote most likely Liberal or a New Conservative party if there was one. I hope you will put a strong candidate for every seat.
    Best of Luck

  2. Sandra Freeman says:

    This is complete scaremongering by all the remainers. Mr Johnson is actually the only one as I see it who is democratically trying to ensure that what the majority of the British citizens voted for is done !! LEAVE !! That is DEMOCRACY and if you do not see this then maybe you need to read the laws of this country. We need to stop the EU controlling the fisheries, farming industry, British businesses and immigration – to name a few ! The EU have you all in their pockets – lining your own – and not a care for the future of this country. Its all money and always will be with politicians – how dare you suggest Mr Johnson is furthering his career ! Are you not also doing the same ? I will never vote for Labour or Liberal ever again. Totally disgusted with you all. Sandra.

    • Peter H says:

      Good afternoon Sandra, I understand your position however if everybody who voted to Leave the EU did so for the same and or for none contradictory reasons then there would have been no issue with firstly the Arrangement to Leave agreed with Europe being passed (first time around) Still not Passed. And secondly with the leavers themselves. The fact of the matter is the majority of those who voted leave did so for reasons that could not be agreed upon by leavers (contradictory) or on a belief all that was promised to them would come to fruition. And in some cases as a Protest against the establishment because nobody knew and still don’t know what we would get if we left. As apposed to people who voted for the one reason and that was to remain. Some of their reasons were valid but weighed up against what we lose in pursuant of these things, what they want, the effect of which is not wanted by Leavers and people who want to remain alike. Some are willing to accept the decline in this country we are going to experience as justification to maintain their position, I am not. I don’t want to have to wait for 10 years for this country to recover to the position it is now. What I would prefer is a Strong stance but not one of petulance from our government to negotiate with the rest of the EU to get our concerns (what’s making some of our country want to leave Europe allayed) We need to pull in the same direction as the rest of the EU, not away from Europe in order to keep our country great. And by Voting Liberal Democrat and if they win a Democratic Majority they will give us a way to Remain and gain a new strong position for this Country in Europe

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