Update on: Mobile Phone Signal in Norfolk

by Steff on 23 February, 2017

On Friday 10th February more than 50 people came to an event at the Rocket House in Cromer to hear from Norman Lamb MP and to find out more about the Liberal Democrats’ campaign to improve mobile phone signal in North Norfolk, led by Melton Constable County Council candidate Steffan Aquarone.

Steff explained how he’d been touring villages doing residents’ surveys and found that a great many people experienced difficulty getting a decent phone signal. It seems to be a problem that neither the Government nor the big mobile phone companies are willing or able to solve.

But there is another way and Steff was joined in Cromer by mobile industry expert Rob Smith to explain how to set up a community-owned mobile phone company – a bit like some villages have done in other parts of the country to improve their broadband.

The project will involve inviting people to join a new MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, that runs on the “rails” of one of the big main networks in the same way Tesco or Virgin Mobile do but that also involves installing additional “small cell” transmitters in communities so the signal can reach rural areas.

Almost everyone who attended the event volunteered to get involved in some way and help make it happen. If you’d like to find out more about the different ways you can join in, click the link below.

Click here to help us solve the problem of mobile phone signal in Norfolk

Once you fill in this form, or if you attended in person on the night, then you’ll hear from Steff in the next few weeks with the next steps.

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