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I want to talk to you about the direction of travel of the county council as a whole. It used to be that conservative councils and governments got elected on a platform of credibility. Now, governmental conservatism is a synonym for incompetence. This used to be a party with a plan, and a grip on […]

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Reversed the decision to build an expensive and polluting waste incinerator at Kings Lynn and instead set Norfolk on a course to achieve zero landfill waste;   Transformed failing education services meaning Norfolk children are now achieving the national average for GCSE results for the first time in years;   Recruited more social workers to […]

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Next steps with mobile phone project

by Steff on 22 March, 2017

Over 100 people have now signed up to take part in the project to improve mobile phone signal in Norfolk, which is incredibly exciting.  It also means we are confident there are enough people interested in helping to make the project viable. We have a long way to go still, but here’s what’s happening next. Not spot […]

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Update on: Mobile Phone Signal in Norfolk

by Steff on 23 February, 2017

On Friday 10th February more than 50 people came to an event at the Rocket House in Cromer to hear from Norman Lamb MP and to find out more about the Liberal Democrats’ campaign to improve mobile phone signal in North Norfolk, led by Melton Constable County Council candidate Steffan Aquarone. Steff explained how he’d […]

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Action On: Mobile Phone Signal in Norfolk

by Steff on 1 February, 2017

Lots of people in North Norfolk suffer from poor or non-existent phone coverage, and it affects people from all walks of life. It’s clear neither the Government nor the big mobile phone companies are going to invest the time and money that’s needed to roll out proper phone and data coverage across the constituency. But […]

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