Next steps with mobile phone project

by Steff on 22 March, 2017

Over 100 people have now signed up to take part in the project to improve mobile phone signal in Norfolk, which is incredibly exciting.  It also means we are confident there are enough people interested in helping to make the project viable.

We have a long way to go still, but here’s what’s happening next.

Not spot surveying

Yesterday, Rob and I met a terrific man called Bill, whose background is originally in sound recording.  I know very little about this topic, but enough to know that it involves pointing equipment at things and listening carefully – and Bill has agreed to lead on the “not spot” surveying side of what we’re doing, which will be quite similar!

We’re currently designing the surveys so they’re easy to do.  When we’ve tested them a few times, we’ll get in touch with everyone who has said they can help with surveying and put together a timetable so they equipment can be passed around.

FAQ Website

Lots of people have been asking excellent detailed questions about how the project will work and I’ll shortly publish some “Frequently Asked Questions” along with more information about the project, on this website.

Setting up the community owned company

It’s likely that we’ll need to get a small amount of money together in order to buy testing equipment and other such things, so we’ll soon begin the process of setting up the community owned company.  We’ve been helped by B4RN – a community-owned organisation in Lancashire that dug their own broadband pipe – in some of the logistics of this and our Legal Eagle will be helping us prepare the documents soon.  Then there’ll be a real company, owned by the community, to help take this project forwards.

We’re still looking for some more people to volunteer to help with surveying, so please forward this email to anyone you know in North Norfolk who likes walking around the village.  The address for them to fill in the form is:

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  1. Mary Edmonds says:

    I live in Suffield which is a not spot for all mobile signals and broadband. The phone signal has become a lot worse since we moved in 11 years ago. Something was done in the Aylsham area in October 2013 and things have never got back to normal since. We feel we are being left behind with services unavailable to us without connectivity.

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