Update on how I’ve been giving back my pay rise

by Steff on 18 February, 2024

When the County Council debated increasing members’ pay, I voted against. But, the Tory majority made sure it went through.
Rather than trousering the increase, I’ve been trying to put it to good use by making the total value of the increase (after tax) available to seed fund community projects in the division.
These are the commitments I’ve made (and in most cases paid out) so far:

£18 – Mulled Wine to encourage local people to come to a meeting at Melton Constable Country Club to discuss its future
£8 – Two Land Registry searches to assist local Parish Council matters (as the County Council can no longer offer this for free)
£63.75 to PAT test community equipment
£100 – Contribution towards assessing options for reducing the speed limit through the B1110 in Briningham
£48 to buy a copy of Lost for Words (a joyful celebration of the natural world that surrounds us) for each of the primary schools in the division
£50 to buy paint for volunteers in Thursford to repaint their phone box, which houses a defibrillator:

£45 to buy three fruit trees, to be planted at Briston allotments:

£87 to support Norfolk Day signs, banners and promotion at Edgefield:

£40 to buy trees for the new Stibbard Centenary Orchard, opening October 2018 as part of ‘Stibbard Remembers’ WW1 Commemorations

£50 to sponsor a constituent pull a 787 Dreamliner by wheelchair (along with others!)

£15 to help a family in need after a house fire

£100 towards new hedging for play ground

£100 towards a new dog waste bin and council noticeboard

£30 to carry out Land Registry searches

£100 to support the campaign to demand a long-term solution for the transmission of much-needed wind power around Norfolk

£100 further support to help progress the Judicial Review on the above decision about offshore ring mains

£320 to purchase some “Toad Crossing” warning signs for the toad watch team in Edgefield

£20 to buy books from the christmas wishlists of Norfolk Looked-after Children

£594 towards moving a temporary speed monitoring unit every two weeks from 2018-2021 in order to carry out long term traffic monitoring along the A148

£52 to sponsor two constituents doing sponsored walks for MacMillan

£385 towards the upgrading of printing and IT equipment involved in the transition to a single unified community newsletter for the villages of Fulmodeston, Croxton and Barney

£34 to help a young carer get the ID documents they need to begin work

£100 to the Barney and Fulmodestone Playing Field Association

Total £2,465.75 to date.

Get in touch and apply with any ideas you have that need seed funding, and could benefit the local community in Melton Constable Division!


4 Responses

  1. Stuart C. Beadle says:

    Pay for a trim and blow dry for the local County Councillor.
    ( I liked typing that!)

  2. Anna Mindrescu says:

    Great work, Steffan, it’s very encouraging to see someone doing the right thing these days ?
    Phenomenal phonebox painting photo!

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