Today was the first time that Norfolk County Council has met in full since just after the elections in May. This lack of democratic accountability is itself a problem: after the elections, we had two meetings in a few weeks so the administration could rush through the next steps on the Norwich Western Link, which […]

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What is a County Councillor?

by Steff on 21 July, 2021

Norfolk County Council has 84 elected members, each representing an electoral division of up to 10,000 voters. Every four years the people of each division elect one councillor to be a member of Norfolk County Council. In May just gone, I was reelected as your Liberal Democrat councillor for Melton Constable division – an area […]

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My speech about the Western Link Road

by Steff on 7 June, 2021

This afternoon, barely hours after the Tory cabinet met formally to approve its outline business case for building a road through the double-registered SSSI and Conservation Areas, Norfolk County Council met to ratify the decision. Here is my speech: I do not accept the arguments made by the Tories today, top of them being the […]

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With climate change being a dominant concern for this and future generations, and a key policy for my political actions, I have recently put forward my support for the collaborative research between the UEA, the Council’s Environment Team and Norfolk Trails as I believe the work these teams are undertaking is vital.  For over ten […]

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From fish and chip takeaways, to local delivery of essential items, our local businesses have worked hard to make life easier under lockdown. Here’s a selection from Melton Constable division – let me know if you come across any more in our community! Business: The Little ChippyLocation: RyburghOffering: Fish and chip takeaway and delivery through […]

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Six ways to help

by Steff on 25 March, 2020

1. Be a great neighbour The most immediate form of help that residents can provide to their community during this time is to look out for vulnerable neighbours.  Join the County Council and EDP’s ‘Here to Help’ campaign by supportin a neighbour who is self-isolating.  You can download a two-sided or one-sided postcard to tell them that […]

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Promising progress on climate change

by Steff on 27 November, 2019

Here’s the speech I gave in support of the County Council’s new environmental policy, which I was involved in shaping through my participation in the Task and Finish group: I welcome the striking presence this morning of The Red Brigade, Extinction Rebellion, school strikers and many other people, who have been bearing witness so powerfully […]

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As you will know the Liberal Democrats’ long-held position is to stop Brexit. The rationale for this is that, since Parliament has failed to deliver on the outcome of 2016’s advisory referendum in which roughly 1/3 of the population at that time voted to leave, it is vital that the option to remain in the […]

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Looking out across Norfolk it can be hard to appreciate the reality and urgency of the climate emergency facing our planet.  But the devastating effects are being felt all over the world and will reach us in our lifetimes. In response to Extinction Rebellion protests at County Hall, the County Council has set up a […]

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It might come as some surprise to hear that I have some respect for the Conservative party.  There are times when being considered, and not acting rashly, are the right positions to take.  Equally, Robert Peel’s repeal of the Corn Laws was one of the most radical acts of social justice in modern politics – […]

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